When Gabriel came for a visit last weekend, he brought his new friend Josh with him. Both of them are blazing hot, and I felt I was in for a nice show with these two hotties. Knowing Gabriel from before, something wild was definetly about to happen, and seems I was right about it. We started talking about sex, and how good a big cock feels. Next thing I saw was clothes flying everywhere and these hot twinks were getting it on, sucking cocks like crazy and feeling each others naked bodies, right there on my sofa. I must admit I'm glad I met josh, and I'm looking forward to seeing them all again.
Sitting with these two hot boys, we were talking about how sexy tattoos are, specially on a hot muscled body. This conversation had a purpose, both me and Ryan wanted to see Kyle's hot tattoo that he got recently. We finally talked him into showing it, and he simply removed his shirt and pants completly, exposing not only the tattoo but his big cock as well. Ryan was all over it, sucking his dick like a true pornstar. Wow, I couldn't believe that a simple chat could end up with me witnessing some hot action between my favourite twinks. I should talk about tattoos and sexy boysmore often.
Seems like Kyle liked the fun times he had in my apartment, so the very next day he brought another friend with him. Two sexy boys with the same name, what a treat. The other Kyle was a bit shy at first, but my sexy friend knew what to do and quickly started stroking his cute cock and sucking on his nipples. He slowly placed his cock in Kyles tight ass, and room was filled with moans and shouting, I don't think I'll ever hear the name Kyle spoken so many times in sexual bliss.
Friday night, and I was wondering where to go out. After some phonecalls, I decided to go to a nearby boys only party. So many hot twinks in here, and after a while, I got pulled to a bedroom with three hot boys, all three of them were hot as hell, sexy young bodies and lusty look in their eyes. Quickly I had three hot twinks all over the bed, dick sucking and ass fucking action wherever I dared to look. They were rotating on each others cock, and it almost felt as if they are competing on who will suck cock better, or who will be better in fucking their friends ass. Definetly a fun friday night out.
Hanging out with Josh and Chris is always fun, specially when they get to know you and stop pretending to be shy. This day was one of those, after quick chat about what they like to do when it comes to sex, they simply decided to show me. In a moment I could see their big hot cocks sprung to full size, and they started to lick and suck cocks like true professionals. Soon Josh had Chris on all fours and fucked his tight ass, slow at first than harder and harder, until they both came all over themselves. likde their answer, whenever they want to show me some more hot stuff, they can call.
Spike took me and Kristian for a walk in the park, and I was in a funny mood so I started to joke around, telling them they would never dare to have sex right here in the outdoors. Oh my, how wrong I was. These two just looked each other and started kissing and stroking right in front of my eyes, on a walk path in the park. They sat down on a bench and continued their big cocks, when Kristian sat on Spikes dick and started to ride him with his ass. I bet that anyone could hear Kristian moaning as he was being impaled on Spikes cock. I have to admit I like these hot sexy park walks.
These boys can be easily defined as hot and sexy party animals. When I came by, they were allready lying on the bed and kissing, I could pretty much expect what was next, and I couldn't wait to see it. One of them got up and sat on his friends cock, riding him like crazy, and at the same time the other hot boy was sucking on his cock, making him go wild in excitement. All of them got their hot asses fucked and those big cocks sucked, so when they all came, they were just lying there, breathing heavily and smiling. I can't wait to see more of their hot parties and wild fucking action they do.
Boys living next door to me are all students that like to have fun, so I decided to come for a visit, to check out one of their famous parties. First I was suprised to see only four of them there, but when two of them started dancing and slowly stripping their clothes, I realized I was in the right place at the right time. Two of them that were still sitting started sucking on their cocks, and pushed them on the bed. Hot twinks sucking and fucking all over the room, taking turns on who to fuck next and changing positions all the time, from riding the cock to lying on the bed spread wide, taking it in the ass and at the same time sucking someone else off. I should drop in on these hot parties a lot more often.
Romano wanted to give his new boyfriend Scott something special for his upcoming birthday, so he invited me to photograph them on this special occasion. I tought I was coming to a small private party, and I had no idea what the real plan was. They started by reading some porn magazines and gently caressing each other. When they began reaching for cocks and removing all clothes, I realized I was in for a fun night with these two. Romano fucked Scott like crazy, kissing him and jerking his cock at the same time, and when they both came, they were just lying there, happy and exhausted.
I invited Spike for a hot evening at my apartment, and he suprised me by bringing another hot twink with him, Sebastian. He said it was a perfect opportunity to finally see whats hiding in Sebastians pants, and that he wanted to suck his cock for some time now. Didn't take much time for these two to get fully comfortable in me looking at them as they explored their hot muscular bodies. Their cocks were fully hard, and when they moved to a 69 position, the sight was so hot that I tought I'll cum right there on the spot. It would be very hard to decide who is a better cock sucker, Spike or Sebastian.